Smart furniture

Noise is the one of the worst drawback of using of LC/MS/MS system. We have designed our MS benches to remove this problem from our customers laboratory. The special noise cancelling enclosure is part of our MS bench. The noise cancelling enclosure is to improve comfort of user. To assure the perfect condition for the system on top of the bench we develop solution which removes 100% of vibration. The roughing pump sits on separate platform, not connected with the rest of the bench. Such unique solution additionally increased comfort of servicing the roughing pump. It could be easily pull-out from the bench. Each bench is equipped with sturdy wheels for easy moving of the system, and adjustable levelling legs for rock solid stability of the bench.

To make the installation of the MS system the back wall could be removed. The noise cancelling enclosure is actively cooled with funs and temperature inside is monitored. To make our benches even smarter the gas generator could be added on site of the bench. For customer demanding space saving the monitor arm in Vesa standard could be added and special shelf for PC unit.

  • Komforto M LC/MS benches
  • Tablo GC/MS benches