• DBS
    We are offering our own DBS puncher
  • DBS is great way of collecting samples for medical diagnostic. It’s easy to collect and to send, but what is very important it make the sample preparation easier.
    We are offering complete solution for DBS analysis. Starting from semi-automatic puncher, thru microplate evaporation system and software with database to monitor flow of the samples in laboratory and finishing on method development, implementation and validation at customer laboratory. On request we delivered DBS paper or dbs-like devices for sample collection and reagents for analysis.
    Auto DXS IV semi-automatic
    First step in high throughput DBS analysis is punching of the samples. This is key element of the DBS laboratory, because there was not the solution good enough for our needs, we design and build the semi-automatic puncher. Currently the version IV is available. It can work with punch size from 1,2 mm for DNA analysis to 6 mm for LC/MS application

It was design and build with five priorities.
1. Error free operation – the way how the punch and die set are setup and operated ensures that the punched paper always reached the destination well.
2. Speed – The cycle of punching and repositioning of well plate is shorter than 3 second. 96 well plate can be prepared in less than 7 minutes, including scanning of samples.
3. Robustness – The cutting and positioning mechanism was design to ensure high up time and minimize the maintenance needs.
4. Ergonomics – the punching is started by pressing the sample table, the shape of the cover was designed to support wrists. The positing mechanism was designed to assure almost noiseless operation.
5. And how it looks

Well plates evaporator.
Fast and safe evaporation of the sample is very important to ensure the reproducible analysis. We offer 96 well plate chemical resistant evaporator which could be used under the chemical hood. It’s equipped with temperature and time control.

Additionally we could provide software solution to control the flow of the samples and tailored it to the laboratory needs.
We could provide application help with different DBS application, we could help in development and validation of the method. We could develop new application or transfer traditional serum or blood method to DBS or DXS method.